production blog

production blog

New course: <em>After Effects VFX Bootcamp</em>

New course: After Effects VFX Bootcamp

This new production level VFX course, taught by Jonathan Alenskas, shares practical knowledge and experience to prepare you to be able to work on and deliver VFX shots using Adibe After Effects.
New course: <em>Advanced VEX & Python for Houdini TDs</em>

New course: Advanced VEX & Python for Houdini TDs

Our new course, taught by Jeronimo Maggi, builds on the fundamentals taught in Introduction to Houdini VEX & Python. We start from scratch and slowly add features as the need comes along, learning how to debug and test our code.
New course: <em>Closeup Photoreal Environments Using RenderMan</em>

New course: Closeup Photoreal Environments Using RenderMan

Our new course, taught by Liam Whitehouse, covers how to create closeup photoreal 3D environments from start to finish. A key aim is to ensure that the end result holds up at resolutions up to 8K for next generation HDR VFX projects.