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production blog

New course: <em>Introduction to Flame, Part 1</em>

New course: Introduction to Flame, Part 1

Taught by Christoph Zapletal, this first part of a two part course aims to demystify Flame and provide a solid foundation in all the different areas in which Flame can be used.
New course: <em>Big Water with Phoenix FD</em>

New course: Big Water with Phoenix FD

Phoenix FD is now available on the VPN and this new course covers a large water scene, using techniques to apply an art-directed stylized look on a stormy water simulation, including white splashes and foam, as a whale jumps out of and back into the ocean. 
New course: <em>Introduction to Clarisse for Environments</em>

New course: Introduction to Clarisse for Environments

Our new vfx course, part of our new digital matte painting and environments curriculum, will get you up to speed in Clarisse. By the end of the course you will be able to export a mesh from Maya, set up the Clarisse scene, assign shaders, texture an object, and Combiners to prepare your Clarisse scene.