New course: <em>Big Water with Phoenix FD</em>

New course: Big Water with Phoenix FD

site news | June 21, 2020

This course covers a large water scene, using techniques to apply an art-directed stylized look (pure photoreal is not the aim) on a stormy water simulation, including white splashes and foam, and a whale jump out of and back into the ocean surface. A variety of ChaosGroup’s Phoenix FD tools will be used, along with lighting, shading, and rendering the final result (using V-Ray, of course). For full details, visit the course information page.

To help you learn, Phoenix FD is now available on the fxphd VPN, along with other software such as Nuke, Houdini, Maya, and Flame.

This offering, taught by Hashem Alshaer, covers how to use Phoenix FD’s liquid simulation tools as well as its secondary particle systems to create a highly detailed stormy ocean. In addition, the scene includes a large whale jumping out and falling back into the stormy water surface. Several particle groups driven by the main body of water and external wave forces are used to create multiple layers of splashes, foam, mist and wave effects.

The course is geared towards the technically inclined independent or resident studio artist and structured to allow users of varying levels to be able to follow its contents from start to end. Phoenix FD has developed over the last few years in a way which has enabled many independent artists and studios to be able to create convincing liquid simulation scenes easily, including manageable simulation, shading, and rendering times, especially when shaded and rendered via ChaosGroup’s V-Ray Next.

Thanks to RJ-Design for allowing us to use assets from their project for this course at fxphd.

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