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production blog

New course: <em>Modelling Photoreal Vehicles in Maya</em>

New course: Modelling Photoreal Vehicles in Maya

Learn the concepts of creating a highly detailed hard surface vehicle model from scratch. Using provided on site photography you will generate a highly detailed photogrammetry model and learn how to retopolgise and optimise it in Autodesk Maya.
New course: <em>Guerrilla Nuke Compositing: War Camp Project</em>

New course: Guerrilla Nuke Compositing: War Camp Project

The course covers work done as part of post production for the 12 episode Russian TV series Wings of the Empire, including compositing of the 3D tents and projecting textures on proxy geometry that is built from scratch inside Nuke.
New course: <em>Background Fundamentals 2020</em>

New course: Background Fundamentals 2020

This course looks at three primary topics over five videos: on-set LED virtual production, AI machine learning and digital humans, both traditional CGI and neural rendering.