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production blog

New course: <em>Houdini FX, Particle Fundamentals and Fuzzy Logic</em>

New course: Houdini FX, Particle Fundamentals and Fuzzy Logic

Particle motion, simulation, behaviour, and theory are at the core of the FX artist's skillset. Andrew Lowell is back with a new course that will challenge you with various particle and motion exercises and the construction of a non-human crowd.
New course: <em>Look Development using Maya and Arnold</em>

New course: Look Development using Maya and Arnold

This course, from artist Charles Chorein dives into methods for look development using Maya and Arnold. It is a remake of a previous course we had on offer, fully updated for Maya 2019 and recent releases of Arnold.
New course: <em>After Effects VFX Bootcamp</em>

New course: After Effects VFX Bootcamp

This new production level VFX course, taught by Jonathan Alenskas, shares practical knowledge and experience to prepare you to be able to work on and deliver VFX shots using Adibe After Effects.
New course: <em>Advanced VEX & Python for Houdini TDs</em>

New course: Advanced VEX & Python for Houdini TDs

Our new course, taught by Jeronimo Maggi, builds on the fundamentals taught in Introduction to Houdini VEX & Python. We start from scratch and slowly add features as the need comes along, learning how to debug and test our code.