New course: <em>VFX Pipeline – From Newbie to TD, Part 1</em>

New course: VFX Pipeline – From Newbie to TD, Part 1

site news | May 8, 2020

In this new course, Hugo Léveillé shows various tips and tricks to build a VFX pipeline. You will see how to build various pipeline tools using a variety of software. In this first part, you will learn how to manage Python modules with the virtual environment and PIP. Next, you’ll learn how build a database system from scratch so that you can save our project information inside it, which will be the foundation of what will be built in future courses.

For full details about the offering, visit the course overview page.

You will also see how to use code management with Mercurial so that you can track what is being done and collaborate with other people. You will also see how to use Dropbox and network repositories to share tools with artists.

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