February 13th update

Challenge 7 is in full gear — it’s an HD res film challenge that is typical of the type of work you’d be doing on the job. Every high quality entry will get a free fxphd tshirt — and the winner will be considered for use in the actual film…complete with credits. Thanks to REALVIZ

Silo McClean dropped by the Tech Penthouse to discuss her book, which seriously examines the issues of styles of visual effects. The book is a serious look at the nature of visual effects, and it was great she could drop by and talk to us about it.

Special effects

We had a great time visiting MEG and seeing their special effects makeup. This will be covered in BKD 301 – but also these guys did work for the Stunt shoot AND they have promised to do help us again NEXT term in a big cool new shoot we have planned. Mike

On Set

This week Mike was on set shooting a ‘baby’ commercial. In this spot, we need to help one new born baby help out another newborn baby. As little babies can’t exactly take direction, a lot of the movements they do are achieved via visual effects. Should be fun, – we shot some motion control, with

Stunt Shoot

Editing and online started this week on the Stunt project. We transferred all the film to SR – and then conformed 1920 x 1080 in Flame. The project will be done all HD – and we’ll be distributing high res files later in the term.

Macworld has changed

I first went to MacWorld about 13 years ago when I first moved to Chicago and started working at Avenue Edit. I moved from Grand Rapids, which was a much smaller market — but we were using the Mac IIci to do graphics design work. When I got to this “big city” post house in