Resolve for Editors

Resolve for Editors

The easiest part of Resolve for editors is the conforming side of the app, which is the opposite of DOPs who can grade a nice picture but their eyes glaze over when we start trying to conform a project. Having said that, conforming can be very tricky.

Colorist and instructor Warren Eagles

Many of the mistakes people make is during the process of round-tripping a complicated project they are working on. Round-tripping means editing in Premiere or FCP, conforming that in Resolve for grading, and then sending back to Premiere or FCP for finishing. The task often goes wrong with things like missing media, speed ramps, framing changes, and missing text can trip up even the most experience colorists.

The answer is to make a very simple test timeline. Include a reframe, a speed change, a super, a few transitions and see what works and what doesn’t when you send the timeline from Premiere to Resolve. Warren Eagles explains this process of getting Premiere timelines to Resolve and back to Premiere in both the Fundamentals and Advanced courses.

While the technical steps of round-tripping are important, what’s even more important is what you bring creatively to the footage once you get it into Resolve. Throughout the training, Warren shares numerous insights which very much focus on the creative side of things instead of simply the button pushing. Build up your experience slowly and then with the help of Warren you’ll able to concentrate on the fun part: the grading.

Resolve Training with Warren Eagles

Our series of fxphd Resolve courses contain four courses: the introductory Resolve Fundamentals, Advanced Resolve, Looks and Matching Masterclass, and Insider Techniques for the Pro Colorist.

Once you purchase our Resolve training, you can immediately download all class instruction videos. In addition, each and every course comes with at least 5GB of high resolution, high quality clips which you can use to follow along with Warren, perfect your skills, and build shots for your reel. This is unlike any other offering available online.

Warren has been grading for over thirty years. He started in photography before moving into London’s film cutting rooms, settling into the role of Colorist. Warren has extensive experience in all forms of grading, from Super 8 music videos to feature films. A Resolve user since 2005, he is proficient in both the software and what can be achieved creatively with it. Warren has his own DaVinci Resolve system in Australia and spends his time either grading or teaching International Colorist Academy classes.