Build your own Resolve Mega Pack
From: $447.00 $268.20

Create your own Resolve Mega Pack and get a fantastic deal. You’ll save 40% off three courses and 45% off four courses.

Add courses to your Mega Pack by clicking the plus button on the products you want. Once you have three or four courses selected, you’ll see the savings and you can add the Mega Pack to your cart for checkout.

    Bundled Products

  • Resolve Fundamentals

    $149.00 (before discount)
  • Advanced Resolve

    $149.00 (before discount)
  • Insider Techniques for the Pro Colorist

    $149.00 (before discount)
  • Warren’s Looks and Matching Masterclass with Resolve

    $199.00 (before discount)


Build your own Mega Pack!


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