Realflow added – more cloud tanks

Realflow added – more cloud tanks

| October 15, 2008

[image title=”pour2″ size=”medium” id=”453″ align=”left” linkto=”[site_url]/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/pour2.jpg” ]We are really proud to have been able to add REALFLOW to the Oct 08 term of fxphd. If you recall a couple of weeks ago we posted cloud tank images from the shoots we were doing, we did not let on then that these were liquid tests for the REALFLOW course, being run by Mark Stasiuk. The course covers Goo Spew, Rigid body dynamics ( like rockets blasting through a building ) and of course water. Hence the reference material we shot. But I wanted to let you guys also know that we have followed up on your cloud tank help and we have gotten none other than Scott Squires to offer us some direction. (Talk about going to the source) anyway Scott has advised on cloud material ( powered tempera paint ) and how to layer the water… all of this and your notes will go into an upcoming BKD (I expect next term now).

So thanks for all the help ! BTW both Mark and Scott have agreed to be in upcoming fxguidetv episodes.

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