New course: <em>Photogrammetry using RealityCapture</em>

New course: Photogrammetry using RealityCapture

site news | October 30, 2019

This new course, from CG supervisor Charles Chorein, dives into RealityCapture and the photogrammetry process with photos taken with a camera, helicopter and drone shots. At the end of the course you will be able to create a mesh, UV’s, UDIMs, and texture and render in Maya/Arnold.

This course and over 240 others is available with an fxphd membership. You can find out more details on our membership overview page.

Charles Chorein is a CG supervisor at Dneg London with 12 years of experience. He has worked on movies such as <i>The Hobbit</i>, <i>Prometheus</i>, <i>The Hunger Games 2</i>, Harry Potter 7, <i>Pirates of the Caribbean</i> 4. For the last several years he has been working on TV shows and recently finished <i>Dark Crystal</i> for Netflix as well as more series coming out next year.

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