New on-demand color training: An Introduction to HDR

We’re really excited about our lasted on-demand course, which is now available for purchase. This course, taught by Kevin Shaw, will help you master HDR, learn about HDR displays, and how to grade HDR content. You’ll understand the different HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. While most of the course aims to be application-agnostic (HDR theory and not button pushing), you will also learn how to set up and grade HDR in DaVinci Resolve.

HDR is unanimously claimed as better, but it significantly affects workflow from capture and mastering through to delivery and display. With a deeper knowledge of HDR  workflows, formats, and display technologies, you can better invest, implement and explore the possibilities the tech brings. Learn to differentiate good HDR from poor HDR and showcase HDR from technical HDR.

HDR Color Course Designed for Professionals

This is an introductory level course ideal for colorists, engineers, cinematographers, DITs, VFX artists, and editors involved in HDR pre-production, production and post-production. It’s also useful for producers, directors and designers as they encounter demand for HDR, Dolby vision, UHD Premium, Rec 2020, and wide color gamut.

The class includes over 7.5 hours of instructional video as well as three Resolve archives with projects and media to grade and follow along.

View a class by class breakdown on the course information page, here.