New course: <em>Big Water with RealFlow</em>

New course: Big Water with RealFlow

site news | December 21, 2019

Our new project-based RealFlow course is geared towards the technically inclined independent or resident studio artist. The learning structure used in this video allows all users to be able to follow its content from start to end and utilizes the latest release of RealFlow.

We are excited to launch our first course taught by artist and instructor Hashem Alshaer.  It uses heavily researched techniques to apply a well-focused art-directed look on an epic stormy water simulation, including a high waves beach scene and a big whale jump out and back into a large ocean surface. A variety of RealFlow tools are used to get the required plan executed with precision while maintaining creative freedom, but we also will have the chance to complete the whale scene and get the final result including lighting, rendering to the final comp!

You can find out more details about the course, including a class by class breakdown, on the course information page. It is available as part of an fxphd membership, which includes access to over 250 courses.

The course utilizes RealFlow’s Hybrido simulation tools, as well as its secondary particle systems (white particles), to create a highly detailed stormy ocean plus an impact of a large whale into the stormy water surface. White particles driven by Hybrido’s main body of water and external ocean forces will be used to create multiple layers of splashes, foam, mist and wave effects.

The techniques used in this course can be applied to any big water simulation scenario for indy projects, feature film, and commercial work. Learn how to create high-end quality big water effects using your home PC obtaining assets from the CG programs you’re already using! The course also covers shading, lighting, and rendering to create final images, allowing users to apply what they have learned and build their own similar scenes.

A big thanks to RJ-Design for allowing us to use assets from their project for this course at fxphd.

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