Geotagging location surveys

Geotagging location surveys

| March 15, 2012

Jeff Heusser shows us a great workflow for geotagging in Lightroom 4. This is a perfect approach  for your next location survey. Jeff recently flew up to Adobe and did both a geotagged photowalk and sat down with the great team there. As a bonus, Jeff shows how this can then integrate with sun position apps like LightTrac and other apps on the iPad or iPhone.

[fx_video src=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/LR4PGSr2.mp4″ link=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/LR4GPS.mp4″]


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    There is an error in the video, it shows using “select photos on track log” where it should be using “Autotag selected images”. Problem was I was using my live catalog and LR saw the GPS already attached in my other folder so it looked like it worked. Will create a fix and replace this video soon.


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