Free preview of NUK311: Nuke, Motion Control & Deep Compositing

The October term at fxphd is in full swing and we’re especially excited about our new advanced Nuke course. Taught by Victor Perez, the first several classes will work through production of the shoot, including behind the scenes insights into the production process; insights which will be invaluable for any visual effects artist who needs to work on-set with motion control.

The course then turns to post-production, including discussion of the workflow of getting the motion control camera data into Nuke for compositing. The high speed Phantom shots will be accented with atmospheric effects such as dust as well as water drops and spray. Several shots will be executed using deep compositing techniques.

As is standard with our courses, the high quality Phantom footage as well as effects elements will be distributed along with the classes so that members may create shots for their reel.

In this free preview of the first class in the course, we are on set at Stiller Studio in Stockholm shooting cool motion-controlled high speed footage for this 300 level Nuke course, using Bolt and Cyclops motion control and Phantom Flex4K. Victor explains what we will be doing in this course and Mike walks through the filming process.