Day One

Day One

| April 30, 2007

The art directed street

Production is off to a great start.
Today is filming in a residential street which we needed to both lock down and then make look like a bomb zone.

Most of the filming today was from the Viper Camera with the Venom pack, mounted on a steadicam – which in turn was mounted on the back of a 4 wheel motor bike.

The residents were really helpful as we trashed their street, by the end of the day we had an army of kids helping with every shot.

From a production point of view the Venon pack contains about 10 mins of material similar to a normal film camera load. To clear the Venom pack we had a Codex box at Unit – where there was HD monitoring and checking.

Tomorrow is special effect make up and early calls.


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  1. Anonymous

    Wicked! Looking forward to seeing some footage from this shoot.

    Grrr Argh!



  2. Anonymous

    Sooooo cooool. Loved Zombie breakfast. Also the great shot of the overturned car. This looks like so much work,, and fun. Can’t wait to see the results. The material looks like it could provide classwork forever.


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