Behind the scenes of #MeetMike

The SIGGRAPH 2017 audience in the VR Village got  to witness MEETMIKE: fxguide co-founder  Mike Seymour interviewing leading industry figures in stereo VR, in real time, utilizing Epic’s Unreal Engine. The event was a collaboration of teams from around the world, in four continents, three universities and six companies along with the Wikihuman global research project. The project involves best of class scanning, rigging and real-time rendering.

Big crowds at the #MEETMIKE booth at SIGGRAPH 2017

To celebrate the launch of our new Unreal for Filmmakers course here at fxphd, Mike and Michela Ledwidge look back at the project with interviews from the show floor. Ledwidge has been involved with the project in Sydney and is teaching the recently released course. Check out the video, below, with interviews and b-roll from the presentations.

Our new Unreal for Filmmakers course contains almost seven hours of instruction and is available as part of an fxphd membership. Ledwidge designed this course to teach you how to build upon your traditional film/TV skills and apply them in the creation of a realtime short film.

Using the Unreal Engine, Michela provides a detailed overview of concepts every artist should know about designing, building and re-purposing assets for realtime use, as well as setting up a pipeline for publishing desktop, mobile, and VR experience. Building on the popular fxphd course Writing, Directing and Animating a Short Film, this new course Unreal for Filmmakers contains nearly seven hours of instruction as well as animated film assets.

For more about #MEETMIKE, visit our sister site