April 05 blog on

April 05 blog on

| April 4, 2007

After some discussion in the fxphd forums we decided to go ahead and blog this term… so I will try and post here most days during the term… Let’s see if it works and if not – we can change direction !

Today is a Thursday – we have pre-production meetings about April 10th Helicopter Shoot for fxphd and I am going to film some intro pieces for the background fundamentals ep 00 for O week. We have the new lights and new camera organised – as well as a dolly and new post stuff – which should all be good.
We will also be getting the Viper to test ready for Tuesday – as we need it the day after Easter.
Organising the shoot is a huge deal – just getting road closures and everything is insane – but we wanted to get you guys some cool high res chopper footage to work with.
I am also trying to organise the stunt shoot – and another shoot I cant talk about until NAB, and a third shoot (or is that fourth) for a film clip thing for next term’s bkd. Oh and arrange podcasts for fxguide, fxphd and vfxshow – and of course deliver fxphd classes – for next term. So it is VERY busy here right now.

On the net I found this while researching a story on Fun Four 2: Silver Surfer – an upcoming story on fxguide… just too funny…

this from IMDB FAQ section
Q: I’ve seen the frame from the trailer where you can clearly see the Silver Surfer’s…um…’manhood’. Is that really Doug Jones’…um…you know?

A: No, the suit that Doug was wearing kept everything safely tucked in. The ‘manhood’ we see in all of 1-2 frames was a digital add in by someone in post, most likely someone from WETA. Whether or not this person still has a job is unknown.


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