Quadruped Shot Building

Taught by Toby Winder

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April 2023 
7 hours 12 minutes 
In this course taught by Toby Winder, you will learn techniques to block out complex quadruped body mechanics shots. This builds on previous knowledge gleaned from ANI204 and ANI205 and will use the animations from those courses. The focus is primarily on techniques used to retool previously made animations into the building blocks of a new shot.

Toby Winder is a senior animator currently based in Montreal. He has been in the animation and visual effects industry since 2006 and has contributed to many projects such as Batman: The Dark Knight, Dr. Strange, and Alien Covenant. Toby has animation experience in high-end VFX, television, commercials, and games.
Quadruped Shot Building
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Class Listing

Class 1: Maya Interface and Scripts

Quick overview of interface settings and tools/scripts used in the course.

Class 2: Video Reference and Sequence Creation

We analyze collected reference and begin to rough out the planning for the shot.

Class 3: Reference and 3D Layout

Starting to build a 3D layout and build a 'master' reference.

Class 4: Blocking Initial Walk

We use our walk cycle as a way to quickly build this section of the shot.

Class 5: Blocking Running Down the tree

Using the run cycle to quickly block out the leopard getting out of the tree.

Class 6: Blocking Walk on a Curve

Attaching an animated cycle to a curve, to get a more realistic path to the animation.

Class 7: Stiching Clips, Part 1

We start connecting our clips.

Class 8: Stiching Clips, Part 2

We continue conntecting our clips to have a complete piece of animation.

Class 9: Refine, Part 1

We begin to refine the complete animation to raise the overall quality of the shot.

Class 10: Refine, Part 2

We continue the process of refining.

Class 11: Conclusion

We look at where we could go from here and what could be and should be improved.