Unreal Engine Bootcamp - Part 1

Taught by Liam Whitehouse

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January 2023 
3 hours 39 minutes 
This 200-level course is created to teach visual effects artists how to use components of Unreal Engine 5 to create photorealistic worlds for projects. Key theory behind how Unreal Engine fits into the VFX pipeline and which DCC application assets can be imported into Unreal Engine will be covered in detail.

The classes will cover the creation of photorealistic DEM landscapes, foliage and tree creation and systems, hard surface models and surfacing, material editing in UE5, character authoring and import using MetaHuman Creator, Sky atmosphere and lighting system in Lumin, water and ocean plugin for UE5, megascans assets for closeup details and Nanite virtual geometry system, post process fx and cinematic camera settings.

Liam is an Australian based Senior VFX artist, who has been in the 3D industry since 2003. He has worked on various projects over the past 18 years including most recently the photorealistic canyon environments for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus, and the hollow earth environments for Godzilla vs Kong, as well as VFX work on other upcoming high profile feature films and episodic series.
Unreal Engine Bootcamp - Part 1
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Class Listing

Class 1: Introduction to Unreal Engine

Class 2: Creating a Mountain Terrain in World Creator

Class 3: Sky Atmosphere System

Class 4: Adding Quixel Megascans

Class 5: Speedtree & Foilage