Geometry Tracking and Compositing in Nuke

Taught by Kirill Pleshakov

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December 2020 
3 hours 24 minutes 
This course, taught by Kirill Pleshakov, covers two shots requiring 3D tracking of tanks, utilizing KeenTools' GeoTracker. The goal is to put CG hatches on the tanks, which had to be removed on production for safety reasons so that the drivers could see better while driving on set.

The course begins with an easy shot to lay the foundation for the second more complex shot. In addition to geotracking and layout with GeoTracker and PinTool, the course covers shading and compositing inside of Nuke, until the shots are fully completed. In addition, there will be additional layout and geotracking to clean up clean up items on set and fix visible fake parts left on set by the production team.

Kirill is a producer and VFX supervisor from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, currently working with the director Alexey Talizin in their full production cycle studio Movie Magic. Kirill has spent most of his career compositing and supervising at special effects studio Scandinava which is famous for creating miniature tanks in Panfilov's 28 Men movie.
Geometry Tracking and Compositing in Nuke
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Class Listing

Class 1: Introductory Shot - GeoTracker Overview

Tracking the simple movement of the tank, with a full explanation of GeoTracker.

Class 2: Introductory Shot - Shading and Compositing

Shading and compositing of the 3D hatch for the simple shot. Also, preparing the setup for the difficult shot.

Class 3: Complex Shot - Camera Solve

Geotracking the tank in the complex shot with manual point tracking for user tracks.

Class 4: Complex Shot - Gate Tracking

Layout of the gate using PinTool. Geotracking the gate micro movement, leaving the gate's shake movement unrefined in order to save the track of it. Cleanup and Compositing of the gate.

Class 5: Complex Shot - Finaling

Upgrading the hatch setup to make it work in our close-up render. Restoring the shadows, animating shading, color correction and defocus to complete the hard shot.