After Effects Sci-Fi Street Scene

Taught by Kirill Pleshakov

Course Number:
Software Version:
CC 2018 
Original Run Date:
August 2019 
4 hours 14 minutes 
This course, taught by Kirill Pleshakov, focuses on the compositing of a shot using assets delivered from the 3D department. The challenge is complicated by the cleanup of the environment with rapidly changing lighting as well as the need to make the environment hotter before the FX energy field can be merged with the plate.

After Effects projection mapping techniques are used to create the production quality set extension using rendered elements from 3D. Once the environment cleanup and tweaking is done, the elements are merged in the composite to get the final result.
After Effects Sci-Fi Street Scene
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Class Listing

Class 1: Set extension

3D tracking and 3D matte painting set extension, render passes comp setup, and general problem-solving.

Class 2: Finessing the environment, Part 1

Colour matching of the 3D set extension, repaint of CGI asphalt with real asphalt.

Class 3: Finessing the environment, Part 2

Foreground element extraction and enhancement of the environment with atmosphere.

Class 4: Effects interaction with the environment

Heating of the metal trash cans to make them look as if they are heated by the energy field.

Class 5: Foreground

Cleanup of the asphalt, making the clean plate work in close proximity to the camera where fine details are more noticeable.

Class 6: Final composite

Merging of the effects elements from Houdini into a single energy field, finishing the shot.