High End Chroma Keying in Flame, Part 2

Taught by Mihran Stepanyan

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May 2019 
3 hours 33 minutes 
This is the second part of course taught by Mihran Stepanyan devoted to a very important and interesting theme, high-end chroma keying, which is being used in features and commercials.

This course covers image-based keying concepts and their usage in high-end keying. Subjects covered include how to create a clean plate, how to key video with preserving hair and fur details, and working with native Alexa and RED raw files. The course also shows usage of Action's 3D camera and tracker for 3D compositing. as well as the best and the easiest ways to compose and get a creative look and light.

Mihran Stepanyan is a visual effect supervisor, filmmaker, digital artist with more than 17 years of experience in film and media industry and seven years of Flame using experience. Mihran is the winner of the Flame Award in 2017. He is also an owner and founder of the One Man Studio Production.
High End Chroma Keying in Flame, Part 2
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Class Listing

Class 1: Alexa, Part 1

Preparing and setting up the native ARRI Raw file for keying, adjusting color parameters in ARRI Raw settings.

Class 2: Alexa, Part 2

Compositing and creating a realistic look using the keyed image in a moving environment.

Class 3: Modular Keyer, Part 1

Keying and creation of a clean plate inside Modular Keyer. Creating a matte for compositing in Action.

Class 4: Modular Keyer, Part 2

Keying and compositing inside the Modular Keyer.

Class 5: Hair and Fur, Part 1

Keying of native RED R3D footage, preserving fur and hair detail.

Class 6: Hair and Fur, Part 2

Creating a 3D environment and integrating the keyed image in the scene.

Class 7: Keying in Action, Part 1

Keying and using 3D camera tracker for 3d compositing. Usage of 3D tracker in a green screen shot and creating the 3D scene.

Class 8: Keying in Action, Part 2

Compositing and integration in the 3D environment, including relighting the scene.