City Environment Compositing in After Effects, Part 2

Taught by Kirill Pleshakov

Course Number:
Software Version:
CC 2018 
Original Run Date:
December 2018 
2 hours 40 minutes 
This compositing-based course, taught by Kirill Pleshakov, combines clean-up and multi-pass 3D compositing. It's a follow up to the City Environment Compositing in After Effects, sharing work from the Russian short film Something for Nothing.

In the course, tasks include clean-up, 3D compositing, and problem solving. Kirill will guide you through finishing this shot after the 3D is rendered, starting with a walkthrough, cleaning up the scene, and final compositing the 3D signs. Various clean-up techniques are covered in order to prepare the clean plate for the compositing. Kirill shares several 3D multi-pass compositing methods to integrate the signboards of the shops on the street wall.

The supplied footage may be used for learning and, with the permission of Kirill (contact information is in the course), you may use your final composite on your reel.

City Environment Compositing in After Effects, Part 2
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Class Listing

Class 1: Initial Prep

Walkthrough of 3D scene with signs created in 3DS Max and V-Ray. Invisible clean-up of the car bumper.

Class 2: Problem Solving

Compositing and clean-up in After Effects, passing the shot to the CG department.

Class 3: Computer Shop Sign

Multi-pass compositing of the L. A. Computer Shop signboard. Foreground smoke extraction from the non-uniform background plate, to allow for integration.

Class 4: Weapons Store Sign

Illuminating the wall with lights from the sign and multi-pass compositing using the 3D render.

Class 5: Chinese Fast Food Store Sign

Correcting an incomplete 3D rendering in comp and finishing the shot.