Flame for Fusion Artists

Taught by Mihran Stepanyan

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May 2018 
6 hours 24 minutes 
This 13-lesson course taught by Mihran Stepanyan was created for Fusion artists who are interested in Autodesk Flame and want to have a closer look at its features. This course is also for Flame artists who want to get acquainted with Blackmagic Fusion, DaVinci, and their capabilities. Throughout the course, you will generally find a comparison of the mentioned software in similar projects.

The classes also contains an overview of the latest features in both software, especially Flame’s new scopes and motion analyzes ass well as Fusion’s 3D camera and planar tracking. You will also find out how to use DaVinci’s timeline for sending your edited cut to Fusion, compose it and send it back to DaVinci.

There are also new interesting classes about action workflow in Flame. You will see how to use paint node to draw a reference painting and create 3D matte paint using it. In one of the classes, you will see how to do a 3D model using Flame, how to create interesting particle effects for motion graphics, some cleanup techniques, and much more.
Flame for Fusion Artists
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Class Listing

Class 1: Introduction

Short overview of Flame, Fusion and DaVinci interfaces. Some workflow techniques.

Class 2: Workflow comparison

Between Flame’s and DaVinci’s editorial capabilities.

Class 3: Send your edit

From DaVinci to Fusion for VFX works (DaVinci’s Fusion connect clip)

Class 4: New Features

Plus some clean up work.

Class 5: Using Paint

For creating a reference painting for 3D matte painting.

Class 6: 3D scene - Pt1

Using 3D matte painting.

Class 7: 3D scene - Pt2

Using 3D matte painting.

Class 8: Motion vectors map

To create creative works.

Class 9: Planar and 3D Camera trackers

Comparison between Flame and Fusion.

Class 10: Create Depth Image

Using motion analysis for motion graphics.

Class 11: Create 3D lamp bulb - Pt1

Using Flame’s modeling, texturing and shading capabilities.

Class 12: Create 3D lamp bulb - Pt2

Using Flame’s modeling, texturing and shading capabilities.

Class 13: Particle effects

Creating of some interesting motion graphics.