NUKE Tips and Tricks, Volume 3

Taught by Hugo Léveillé

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January 2017 
2 hours 30 minutes 
Continuing the “Tips and Tricks for Nuke” series, Hugo Léveillé builds upon the previous courses, showing useful production tricks that you can apply in your scripts. These tips are as short as 5 minutes to some over 45 minutes and are aimed to help you in your everyday compositing. We think this is going to be an incredibly popular series to help you take your skills to the next level.

Hugo Léveillé is currently head of compositing at Mels studios in Montreal. With over 10 years of VFX experiences, he also shares his work time by creating and integrating pipeline tools for Nuke.
NUKE Tips and Tricks, Volume 3
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Class Listing

Class 1

We see how we can reproduce Photoshop's vanishing point tool inside of Nuke so that we can clone in perspective.

Class 2

We revisit our pan and tiles setup from a previous class and we push it to the next level by adding parallax on the ground and various objects in the scene.

Class 3

We take a look on how to cast 3d shadows from alpha channels using 2 different approaches.

Class 4

We reproduce the effects from scratch of character jumping into a frozen instance of himself.

Class 5

We see how to use the spot meter of Nuke to evaluate the density of the light in our shots.

Class 6

We see how to correctly clone a plate with some movement without deteriorating the quality of the plate.

Class 7

We take a look at the bookmark tool of Nuke to navigate in our scripts more efficiently.