The VFX of Race

Taught by Hugo Léveillé

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July 2016 
2 hours 33 minutes 
In this training, Hugo Léveillé will be showing how MELS Studios did the VFX of the movie Race. We'll see various techniques used in Nuke as well as how they did the various crowd duplications for the stadiums shots. All of that, demonstrating with actual footage from the movie (due to rights issues, the footage used will not be available for download with the course).

Hugo Léveillé is currently head of compositing at Mels studios in Montreal. With over 10 years of VFX experiences, he also shares his work time by creating and integrating pipeline tools for Nuke.
The VFX of Race
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Class Listing

Class 1

We take a look at some challenges of the Race movie, showing some techniques used and a few befores and afters.

Class 2

We use various tricks to fix the edge problems encountered with rotoscoping, including how we can bring back defocus and motion blur.

Class 3

We work with the various CG passes and show how it was used to get the desired results.

Class 4

We create crowd duplication for a stadium shot using Nuke's particles system.

Class 5

We see how we can give life to a shot creatively without stealing the attention to the main character.