NUKE Tips & Tricks for TDs

Taught by Hugo Léveillé

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June 2016 
3 hours 37 minutes 
In this course, you'll learn useful python techniques for Nuke that you can use in your own code. Prof Hugo Léveillé will show you how you can use the regular expressions module, which is a module that a lot of people don’t use because of its somewhat complicated syntax. You'll also see how to build a shot time calculator inside Nuke using the threading module as well as some other techniques along the way.

Hugo Léveillé is currently head of compositing at Mels studios in Montreal. With over 10 years of VFX experiences, he also shares his work time by creating and integrating pipeline tools for Nuke.
NUKE Tips & Tricks for TDs
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Class Listing

Class 1

We take a look at the regular expressions module to find text patterns in paths

Class 2

Timelog, Part 1. We build all the functions needed to make a script to calculate the time a user spends on each shot during the day so that he does not have to guess numbers at the end of the day

Class 3

Timelog, Part 2. We continue from the previous class by making a function that will auto-detect of an artist is currently working on a shot or if the Nuke instance is idled.

Class 4

Timelog, Part 3. We finish our timelog script by making an interface with Nuke’s python panels.

Class 5

We make a gizmo filled with python code that will help you to organize your script