Background Fundamentals Jan16

Taught by Mike Seymour

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January 2016 
6 hours 16 minutes 
Background Fundamentals Jan16
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Class Listing

Class 1: Top visual effects films of 2015

We look back at the top visual effects films of 2015, as we enter award season.

Class 2: UHD Premium and HDR displays

A look at LG’s UHD Premium and HDR displays technology after CES2016.

Class 3: Digital de-aging done by Lola

Mike explores the de-aging process via makeup and looks at digital de-aging done by Lola.

Class 4: Oscar nominations for best cinematography

Mike and DOP Ben Allan ACS discuss this years Oscar nominations for best cinematography.

Class 5: Part 1 of deep learning series

Mike explains how 3D head tracking works using RGBD camera and Deep Learning method.

Class 6: Part 2 of deep learning series

Part 2 of deep learning series, Mike explains now to use machine learning to solve face identification without using RGBD cameras.

Class 7: Part 3 of deep learning series

Part 3 of deep learning series, we explore practical examples of machine learning and the potential of artificial intelligence.

Class 8: Davinci Resolve for grading

Mike gives an overview of how we use Davinci Resolve for grading our classes and shares a couple of tips and tricks.

Class 9: Vfx in the film Gods of Egypt

An exclusive look at the vfx in the film Gods of Egypt

Class 10: Reality Capture by Capturing Reality

An overview of photogrammetry software Reality Capture by Capturing Reality.