Advanced VFX: The Desert Truck Scene

Taught by Ludovic Iochem

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January 2016 
9 hours 45 minutes 
In this new VFX Course, we'll recreate a VFX shot from a plate to a final comp, including FX, Modeling/Texturing/Lighting, Matte Painting and Compositing.

We'll start from a dedicated plate of a truck in a desert, and from a Matchmove Camera, we'll recreate a brand new environment made of rocks, a distant city, and a big sand storm coming on us.
Advanced VFX: The Desert Truck Scene
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Class Listing

Class 1

Rocks and car wrecks modeling for the dressing of the desert environment.

Class 2

Uv process for all models and Zbrush sculpting of the rocks.

Class 3

Texturing of all the desert props using Mari and Crazy Bump.

Class 4

We will cover how to make a layout in Maya, setup our camera, make sure the dimension of the scene is realistic, create a camera mapping and do a quick lighting with the dayEnv lighting in RenderMan 20 to check our work.

Class 5

During the lookDev in Katana, we will go through how to create from scratch a lookDev template in Katana, create a camera mapping of the plate, see how on convert our texture with shell batch command and setup a lightRig. At the end we will create the Nuke script with everything ready for lighting.

Class 6

Lighting - we will create a lighting base on a HDRI and a AreaLight, create diffuse and reflection sphere and see how to check if our lighting is correct and finally create a beauty and shadow passes with all the AOV’s needed for the compositing.

Class 7


Class 8


Class 9


Class 10

Compositing. Putting the pieces together.