Digital Matte Painting: The Abandoned Environment

Taught by Ludovic Iochem

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CC 2015 
Original Run Date:
January 2016 
5 hours 47 minutes 
Professor Ludovic Iochem will create a full shot from scratch inspired by the last Star Wars movie. The idea is to create a massive, empty, abandoned environment like the interior of a ship that would have crashed on a planet. The course will cover building the DMP... from the modeling, to the final shot, including texturing, lighting, rendering, final DMP work and reprojection. We'll explain the workflow used today to do this kind of work and will render the lighting pass with Arnold.

Ludovic Iochem has been working in the VFX industry from more than 10 years now. His credits include a lot of recent blockbusters like Terminator Genysis, Exodus : Gods and Kings, Thor : The Dark World, Total Recall, Dredd or Bourne Ultimatum. After having spent few years at Double Negative as Lead Environment and Environment Supervisor, he recently joined Framestore Montreal as Head of Environments. He's been running the DMP terms on FXPHD for few years now.
Digital Matte Painting: The Abandoned Environment
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Class Listing

Class 1

We look at sketching and the concept behind the abandoned environment.

Class 2

We dive into the modeling requirements for this scene.

Class 3

We continue to look at modeling for the environment.

Class 4

The areas of layout and lighting are discussed for the abandoned environment scene.

Class 5

Texturing details are laid out.

Class 6

We work through the digital matte painting (DMP) techniques.

Class 7

We continue the DMP process.

Class 8

Our DMP work continues.

Class 9

We discuss the projection techniques to make the abandoned environment.

Class 10

We finish the projection needs for the abandoned environment.