Hollywood Nuke Techniques for Indie Projects

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October 2015 
5 hours 3 minutes 
With independent productions for new media on the rise, we’ll discuss what we can learn from bigger pipelines and how we can condense and use some of those techniques to enhance and speed up our smaller productions and budgeted pipelines.

We're excited to be working with Corridor Digital, a highly successful YouTube content creator, with over 3.5 million subscribers and videos which regularly receive over 20 million views. Using Corridor Digital's footage, we'll find shortcuts in plotting out and creating effects and see how Nuke and its true 3D compositing environment can speed up out work and make it look top notch! We'll also do a case study on how Corridor Digital shot their footage to be composited and brought to final.

This course is for those who want to further their knowledge of Nuke and it’s tools, and also for those who want to use Nuke’s power for new media and independent productions. YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Ect. We’ll prepare you to take your work to the next level no matter what the platform.

Joshua Galbincea is an LA based VFX Supervisor who has worked on features, commercials and episodic TV. Currently he is on set supervisor for TV shows. He has experience in all sizes of production, working at vfx houses that finished over 600 shots on a feature film, international commercial spots, to independent fan films, such as Portal: No Escape and other viral hits.
Hollywood Nuke Techniques for Indie Projects
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Class Listing

Class 1

We'll look at Brush with Death and see how we can take our shot elements and plan our attack. We'll discuss projection mapping and create a solid camera track to begin working with our footage.

Class 2

Here we'll create a point cloud generator and then build some simple geometry right inside of Nuke to project our elements onto.

Class 3

Here we'll bring our shot to final by re-projecting our images, doing all the necessary paint and roto and placing card in 3D space to utilize different splat elements,

Class 4

We'll look at a shot from Powered Up and composite our CG element into a live plate. We'll cover quick ways to match grade, EXRs and great ways to add extra realism.

Class 5

The Ultimate Gun Game - We'll start creating a gizmo that will quickly help up repeat an effect.

Class 6

The Ultimate Gun Game - We'll finalize our gizmo and add all the bells and whistles to make it a production ready tool.

Class 7

Game of War - we'll look at our we can use the Depth Utility pass to create some interesting effects. We'll begin coming our shot and adding 'Fog of War'.

Class 8

Game of War - We'll final our shot by adding the CG and manipulating elements using various tools to create our unique environment.

Class 9

DubStep Guns - We take a close look at Nuke's particle system and how we can create a nodal system to generate particles and create a gun blast effect.

Class 10

The Ultimate Gun Game - We revisit this once more to work with rendered fire elements. Joshua walks through this shot addressing real world obstacles and how he would tackle this shot step by step.