Background Fundamentals July15

Taught by Mike Seymour

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July 2015 
7 hours 28 minutes 
A collection of Background Fundamentals lessons with world-class visual effects supervisors.
Background Fundamentals July15
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Class Listing

Class 1: Mike talks to Andrew Jackson

Mike talks to Andrew Jackson, the vfx supervisor whose work includes Knowing, Happy Feet 2, 300 and the last blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road.

Class 2: Mike talks to Eric Durst

Mike talks to VFX supervisor Eric Durst about his role and relationship with other departments onset and how he physically prepares himself for his job.

Class 3: Mike talks to Rob Coleman

Mike goes to Animal Logic to talk to animation guru Rob Coleman about managing his team of talented animators.

Class 4: Ben Snow, Marc Chu, Craig Hammock, François Lambe

Part 1 of Mike going to ILM and sitting down with many supervisors, including Ben Snow, Marc Chu, Craig Hammock, François Lambert and Dennis Muren to talk about their career at ILM.

Class 5: Scott Farrar and John Knoll

Part 2 of Mike’s ILM visiting, talking to vfx supervisor Scott Farrar and John Knoll.

Class 6: Mike talks to Chris Edwards

Mike talks to Chris Edwards, CEO of The Third Floor, about the world of previz and the unique challenges it faces.

Class 7: Mike talks to Sheena Duggal

Mike talks to Sheena Duggal, vfx supervisor at Marvel Entertainment, about her career as a female vfx supervisor.

Class 8: Mike talks to Paul Franklin

Mike talks to multiple Oscar winning VFX supervisor Paul Franklin about managing Double Negative and the important role of a vfx producer.

Class 9: Mike talks to Alex Henning

Mike talks to Oscar winning VFX supervisor Alex Henning about being hands-on and the advancement in VR technology.

Class 10: Mike interviews Sheldon Stopsack

Mike interviews Sheldon Stopsack, VFX supervisor at MPC about their work done in Terminator Genysis and the adaptation of ACES in MPC’s workflow.