Tornado Destruction Project, Part 1

Taught by Ludovic Iochem

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April 2015 
11 hours 25 minutes 
This is a two-part course and aims to complete a complex visual effects scene, starting from the effects plate all the way to the tweaks of the final comp. Based upon a suggestion from an fxphd member, the course will start with the clean plate, add a remote mountain town, and then build a CG Tornado to destroy it. Numerous applications will be used throughout the course, including 3D Equalizer, Maya, Houdini, Arnold Renderer, and NUKE.

The lineup of artists teaching this course is outstanding. Serving as vfx supervisor for the course is artist Ludovic Iochem, who leads our digital matte painting curriculum. Joining him are slate of talented artists. Benoit Terminet Schuppon (imdb) will be showing techniques for getting an accurate camera solve. Concentrating on modeling and texturing will be Alban Orlhiac (imdb) . Charles Chorein (imdb) will be handling look development and Lukas Niemczyk (imdb) will be creating the FX of the Tornado in Houdini.
Tornado Destruction Project, Part 1
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Class Listing

Class 1

Matchmove/Layout (camera solve, extraction of scale from Google, layout, creation of Maya scene).

Class 2

Based on a concept we will model all the elements for a village that's in the path of a tornado. Models need to be basic and low-res but still compatible for FX destruction in Houdini.

Starting from the layout scene, we will then place all the elements on the terrain, looking through the camera provided by layout.

Class 3

Modeling of the elements to be destroyed, Part 2

Class 4

This is the first texturing session for the VFX301 tornado. We will overview techniques and tools in Mari and focus on the village. The key thing here is time. The village being a background element of lower importance by comparison with the pole barn, we don't want to spend to much time and fiddle with details for too long.

Class 5

Texturing of the elements to be destroyed, Part 2

Class 6

We will see how to setup a lookDev scene, convert textures in tx file, create shading network and render a turn table.

Class 7

Ludovic prepares a particle rig that will help us to setup and control a pyro tornado. We learn how to use PopVops in PopDops, and how to setup point clouds with point cloud filter.

Class 8

Tornado FX in Houdini, Part 1

Class 9

Tornado FX in Houdini, Part 2

Class 10

Tornado FX in Houdini, Part 3