Production in Unreal Engine 4

Taught by Jon Gress

Course Number:
Software Version:
Unreal Engine 4 
Original Run Date:
April 2015 
5 hours 30 minutes 
In our previous Unreal courses, we gave you a fast-track intro to the UDK 3 Unreal Development Environment and some cutting edge tech for how this emerging technology might be used in the future for pre-visualization and live action motion picture production.

Well…the future, and Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), are here.

In this course, Jon Gress helps you take the next step, exploring the new upgraded Unreal 4 environment, UI, tools and workflow enhancements and then put all of these into action in a real world, cutting edge production. You'll get to see first-hand behind the scenes footage of how this production is shot using UE4 and one of the most sophisticated motion control facilities in the world.
Production in Unreal Engine 4
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Class Listing

Class 1

Getting to know your way around the new upgraded UE4 Interface and Toolset.
New interface: Project Launcher, Unreal 4 Slate & Content Browser. New Blueprint visual scripting Editor and realistic open world creation

Class 2

New Surfacing Upgrades to UE4.
Material editor & new material system features, new physically based shading and shading models such as Clear Coat & screen space subsurface scattering, plus new streaming video textures & HDR textures

Class 3

New Terrain, Landscaping and Foliage Updates to UE4.
New landscape & terrain upgrades, realistic foliage lighting (two sided foliage shading model), and new foliage rendering for large worlds.

Class 4

New Lighting Upgrades to UE4.
New realistic lighting features such as tube lights, static lighting from emissive materials and static lights on foliage. New ability to use thousands of dynamic lights per scene and advanced lighting features including: full scene HDR reflections, light map UV generation, distance field ambient occlusion and soft shadows and dynamic global illumination from heightfields

Class 5

New FX Upgrades in UE4.
New post-process effects, cascade VFX & GPU particle simulation and collision, new Physics features including: Physics Asset To (PhAT), NVIDIA PhysX & NVIDIA Apex Clothing

Class 6

New Camera & Cinematics Upgrades in UE4.
New matinee cinematics and camera animation system, new advanced features such as: high quality motion blur, temporal anti-aliasing and high quality DOF, new demo recording feature (network replay capture)

Class 7

New Project, Animation & AI Upgrades in UE4.
New advanced templates, persona animation, humanoid rig and editing & retargeting systems. New Unreal Motion Graphics UI Designer

Class 8

New Upgraded Export Features in UE4. Paper2D plugin, mobile iOS & Android and VR preview, new export features including: faster packaging and cooking, Open EXR frame capture, HTML 5 and WEBGL support (windows)

Class 9

Pre-pro for UE4 Motion Control project.

Class 10

On-set production using cutting-edge Motion Control and UE4