3D Techniques for NUKE Compositors

Taught by Joshua Galbincea

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April 2015 
4 hours 46 minutes 
Space is calling. Here we will be working on a Virgin Galactic spec spot put together by Director Michael Chance. We will be focusing on three shots and how we can use Modo to previs and even render final images. This course is designed with the compositor in mind. Here, we'll cover a wide arrange of 3D techniques and practices to add to your tool belt. As compositors, we'll set up everything we need to bring out shots to final in Nuke.

Everything here will be real world examples on an actual spec spot commercial so If you want to learn Modo, or add 3D to your tool belt as a compositor, this will be a fun and energetic course. We're going to cover Dynamics, volumetrics, Animation, lighting and rendering and final compositing in Nuke.

Joshua Galbincea is a returning fxphd professor and active LA based compositor. His experience ranges from features, commercials, television and game cinematics.
3D Techniques for NUKE Compositors
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Class Listing

Class 1

Earth Rig, Part 1 - We will cover the process of creating our models and layers for the high res images of Earth. We'll look at fine tuning our materials and adding our procedural space background.

Class 2

Earth Rig, Part 2 - How can we mask materials based on where the light is hitting? We'll cover nodes and the schematic view to make advanced textures. We'll look at incidence angle gradients for the atmosphere effects.

Class 3

Earth Rig, Part 3 - Adding final lighting to our scene. We'll look at setting up our render passes and then take it into Nuke for final composite and render.

Class 4

Dynamic Shards, Part 1 - Fracturing the shards and using dynamics to drive our animation. We'll also look at replicators and how we can make a debris field.

Class 5

Dynamic Shards, Part 2 - We'll spend some time in the shader tree and set up our black glass texture on our shards. We'll position our camera's and light our scene.

Class 6

Dynamic Shards, Part 3 - We'll render our scene and hop into Nuke to look at compositing. We'll look at how to properly set up our Depth channel and use it for a wonderful rack focus.

Class 7

VG Ship, Part 1 - We'll take a look at our production model. We'll use nodes to drive our animation in the schematics view, eliminating the need to hand animate. We'll compile all of our mesh items and textures into one easy to use and manipulate folder.

Class 8

VG Ship, Part 2 - Dynamics setup and volumetrics. Here we'll setup the trails coming off the wings and look at how we can fine tune our volume item to the look we want.

Class 9

VG Ship, Part 3 - More with volumetrics, lighting and rendering setup in preparation for the final composite in Nuke.

Class 10

Class wrap up, final Q&A's. Bonus Walk-through: Nuke compositing to final a shot.