Digital Matte Painting: The Outer Space Project

Taught by Ludovic Iochem

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April 2015 
6 hours 46 minutes 
Over the last year, Ludovic Iochem has helped build the fxphd curriculum focused on Digital Matte Painting (DMP). In this new DMP course, we switch from land to space in order to build a stunning shot of a planet in outer space.

Starting in Maya, we’ll model a planet, apply textures, light the scene and create a render before taking the result into Photoshop and painting more details to bring it to life. Next, the course will focus on the stars, galaxies, and nebulae that make up the rest of the scene. The last step will be to prepare the layered elements for final tweaks and finesse in Nuke.

A key aspect of the course, like other DMP courses, is to post your work in the forums and get high quality feedback from Ludo. It’s an invaluable opportunity to learn from an extremely talented artist.

Ludo is a Digital Matte Artist/Lead Environment Artist working at Double Negative, London. His credits include a variety of projects, from Bourne Ultimatum, Quantum of Solace, Tree of Life, or Love in the time of Cholera, to Thor - the Dark World, Hellboy 2, Total Recall or Dredd.
Digital Matte Painting: The Outer Space Project
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Class Listing

Class 1

Brief and Concept

Class 2

3D Modeling

Class 3


Class 4


Class 5

First DMP Pass in Phothoshop

Class 6

DMP Planet

Class 7

DMP Space

Class 8

DMP Space

Class 9

Export in Nuke, 2.5D Setup

Class 10

Final Touch, rendering