Background Fundamentals Jan15

Taught by Mike Seymour

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January 2015 
6 hours 10 minutes 
Background Fundamentals is our bonus general curriculum course at fxphd. It is a TV-style program which forms the foundation of our curriculum at fxphd. The class covers a wide variety of topics which apply across all applications and is a favorite of our members.

This course is the Background Fundamentals series which originally ran during our January 2015 term.
Background Fundamentals Jan15
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Class Listing

Class 1: Productivity tools we use at fxphd

As it's the beginning of the year and a new term, Mike goes through a bunch of productivity tools we use at fxphd.

Class 2: Digital hair discussion - Part 1

Mike explores the research on wet hair simulation by Gene Lin of The White Rabbit in Taiwan.

Class 3: Digital hair discussion - Part 2

Part 2 of the digital hair discussion, we look at Weta's proprietary hair grooming tool Barbershop.

Class 4: UCAP and MOVA

Mike explores the 2015 SciTech Award nominated facial capture technology UCAP and MOVA.

Class 5: Strategic planning

As a part of our business series, Mike talks about strategic planning.

Class 6: Low cost facial motion capture with Faceware Tech

Mike explores low cost facial motion capture with Faceware Tech. This class also includes the challenge, as well as free access to the class from DOP220 which shows how the challenge was filmed.

Class 7: Second screen based on recent Telstra research

Mike discusses what is happening on the second screen based on recent Telstra research.

Class 8: Current status of the VR market

Mike gives an update on the current status of the VR market.

Class 9: Structure sensor for portable, low-cost 3D scannin

Mike demonstrates the use of the Structure sensor for portable, low-cost 3D scanning.

Class 10: Challenge 50 submission review

Challenge 50 submission review.