The Anatomy of a Promo

Taught by Mark Bowey

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CC 2014 
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July 2014 
5 hours 48 minutes 
This course looks at the Anatomy of the TV Promo and covers approaches to Directing, Editing, Scripting, as well as Art Direction and creating Graphical and Motion collateral for several live action promos. We break open the formulas and techniques for promos, and we take a look at several global campaign promos Mark has directed, scripted and cut for the BBC, and for the BBC's Australasian market, where he is based.

During the course we will give out material to cut your own promo. Additionally, the second half of the course looks at scripting, boarding and shooting a Zombie promo. We will also give out this footage for you to cut your own promo for a 60 second 'Zombiefest’ promo. The material will means we'll cover techniques across the board in Premiere and After Effects, and Final Cut.

Mark Bowey is a Director and Art Director, and has worked on films including 'The Fifth Element' and several 'James Bond' movies as a graphical Art Director and Videographics Designer. More recently, he has worked at leading Australian TV Network Foxtel as an Art Director, and at The BBC in Australia as a Senior Promo Producer and Director.
The Anatomy of a Promo
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Class Listing

Class 1

The Anatomy of a Promo: we look at basic formulas for promos - 60 and 30 seconds, and then at two examples- a global campaign for 'Rock Star Physicist' Brian Cox, and a graphical Teaser for Top Gear, both recently directed by Mark. Sometimes schedules can conspire to allow off-the-wall approaches to promote a big series, and we look at other ways to create content for teasers when the main material is embargoed.

Class 2

We cut the first of our promos and give out material to work with. This teaser uses material which will also need to be manipulated and enhanced, to aid the flow of the promo- so we look at ways to do this with Particular and AE- and we also look at grades for the footage.

Class 3

A look at graphical packshots, and how to edit and cut around in-house packs. We look at combining the voiceover and titles in an edit. We create several typographic styles around the packshots.

Class 4

We conclude looking at enhancing imagery- as well as giving out and looking at our 'Zombie Hands' footage for the packshot.

Class 5

We take a look at scripts and delivery from the Brian Cox BBC promo, and also take our first look at the Trickshot footage, organising and preparing rushes to cut with.

Class 6

We define a brief for, then cut and create a promo teaser for 'Trickshot' movie, and look at cutting techniques, and cutting over beats. We give out material to work with. [Part One]. We also look at some Zombie Pre production, and the boards.

Class 7

We conclude the Trickshot cut for the promo, and combine with script examples, and add a track. [Part Two]

Class 8

We begin to cut in our Zombie material, as well as look at accompanying production music. Release of Zombie footage for you to cut with.

Class 9

Post production for relevant shots; and concluding the cut's evolution. We choose type faces for the end packshot. We will pay particular attention to the grade of the footage.

Class 10

We conclude the Zombie promo, sitting down with the DOP Tom Gleeson to work out the final grade. We also conclude and animate the graphical end packshot.