Digital Matte Painting Techniques III

Taught by Ludovic Iochem

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July 2014 
6 hours 44 minutes 
Ludovic Iochem returns for a new course to keep sharing digital matte painting and environment tips and techniques on a bigger project, from the matchmove, to the compositing of the CG Environment. In this new course, we'll push the technique to the 2.5D Environment and will learn how to create a CG Environment, from a Matchmove Camera, to the 2.5D Script in Nuke, through the layout in Maya and DMP in Photoshop. This is the third part in our series on digital matte painting by Iochem.

Prof Ludovic Iochem is a Digital Matte Artist - Environment Artist working at Double Negative, London. His credits include a lot of very various projects, from Bourne Ultimatum, Quantum of Solace, Tree of Life, or Love in the time of Cholera, to Thor - the Dark World, Hellboy 2, Total Recall or Dredd. He's now working as Lead Environment Artist, and is currently involved in the next Ridley Scott project, the book of Exodus. With Nick Marshall, he was an instructor for NUK307 Advanced Matte Painting term for the October 2012 term, and he was instructor for DMP201.
Digital Matte Painting Techniques III
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Class Listing

Class 1

Brief, analysis of the plate and the matchmove camera. Layout 1.

Class 2

Layout 2 and Export to Nuke.

Class 3

Quick Setup of projection in Nuke and preparation for the DMP.

Class 4

DMP Class 01

Class 5

DMP Class 02

Class 6

DMP Class 03

Class 7

Projection in Nuke, Analyse, and Patch

Class 8

Final DMP/Proj setup and delivery to comp

Class 9

First pass compositing of the shot.

Class 10

Tackling the key at the end of the shot. Removing highlight fringing. Match blacks and whites. Quick tour of the camera tracker.