Digital Matte Painting Techniques II

Taught by Ludovic Iochem

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April 2014 
7 hours 57 minutes 
Ludovic Iochem returns for another course to keep sharing digital matte painting and environment tips and techniques. In the last course we focused on the major techniques that a DMP artist needs to know and we stayed in Photoshop. In this new course, we'll push the technique to the 2.5D Environment and will learn all the different ways to do projection in NUKE.

We'll work on two projects including DMP work and Camera Mapping. The first one will be the re-projection of a DMP based on a photograph, the second one will involve a plate and an MatchMove Camera. We also are going to use one or two classes to organize "dailies" session when we'll take the time to look at some of your work, and give some advice on how to improve it and make it look more realistic. These sessions are extremely useful for improving your techniques. Listening to constructive critique from pros such as Iochem are a great learning opportunity to which few artists have access. Whether it is your work or someone else’s there is always something to learn and it is a real, critical part of the creative process.

Prof Ludovic Iochem is a Digital Matte Artist - Environment Artist working at Double Negative, London. His credits include a lot of very various projects, from Bourne Ultimatum, Quantum of Solace, Tree of Life, or Love in the time of Cholera, to Thor - the Dark World, Hellboy 2, Total Recall or Dredd. He's now working as Lead Environment Artist, and is currently involved in the next Ridley Scott project, the book of Exodus. With Nick Marshall, he was an instructor for NUK307 Advanced Matte Painting term for the October 2012 term, and he was instructor for DMP201.
Digital Matte Painting Techniques II
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Class Listing

Class 1

Project 1, DMP1

Class 2

Project 1, DMP2

Class 3

Project 1, Projection 1

Class 4

Project 1, Projection 2

Class 5

Dailies session 1

Class 6

Project 2, DMP1

Class 7

Project 2, DMP2

Class 8

Project 2, Projection 1

Class 9

Project 2, Projection 2

Class 10

Dailies session 2