HIERO in Commercials

Taught by Hugo Guerra

Course Number:
Software Version:
HIERO 1.7 
Original Run Date:
April 2013 
9 hours 36 minutes 
In this course, Hugo Guerra will dive into using the latest version of The Foundry's HIERO in production. HIERO has been designed for shot management, conform and review for visual effects; enabling collaborative workflows with NUKE and other editorial, VFX and finishing tools.

You will learn all the features of HIERO from a production point of view. Conforming from EDLs and XMLs, learning to manage and organise a full production, and dealing with versions of shots and timelines will all be covered. Most importantly, you'll learn how to handle the typical problems involving "real world" problems and be presented with "real production driven" solutions to handle a fast paced VFX commercial pipeline. Hugo will show some of the production pipelines, tricks and tips he uses in a daily basis to run one of the busiest commercial pipelines in the world, The Nuke department at The Mill London. HIERO will also be available this term for use via our VPN software, allowing you to use the software to follow along with the course.

Guerra is a award winning Director, VFX artist and teacher working in the industry since 1999. He’s been a lead compositor and VFX Supervisor for some of the most renowned companies in London. He is currently The Mill's Head of Nuke compositing, supervising a team of around 20+ artists in London's busiest commercial facility. He is a member of the VES and has been one of the the foremost figures of NUKE and HIERO in the London commercials VFX scene.
HIERO in Commercials
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Class Listing

Class 1

HIERO at the center of your commercial pipeline. We cover conforming and shot management in VFX commercial facilities. We will learn how to make your productions go smoother, faster and more cost effective. We will introduce HIERO and show it's position in the middle of a fast paced commercial pipeline of a VFX facility.

Class 2

HIERO's interface and tools. Only the ones that matter... We go over HIERO's toolset and interface from a commercials point of view. This will not be a full overview of every tool of HIERO, it will be only of the tools that matter the most in the "trenches" of VFX production. We will also talk about the Hardware requirements to make a commercial client friendly HIERO suite using SSD cache drives and a monitor broadcast output for reviewing.

Class 3

And in the beginning there was an EDL, or many EDLs... We start by bringing the EDLs to HIERO to start your conform, we will show common conform rules, sync the offline to the timeline and go over the reformat tab to control different file formats and resolutions in a single timeline.

Class 4

Shot management and conform in commercials. We continue our conform, by organising and labelling all of our plates for the diferent VFX shots in the timeline, we will prep our edit for the exporting to NUKE and talk about commercial facilities job structures and folder creation with the help of HIERO.

Class 5

Templates, pipelines and more pipelines. We show the different possible pipelines we can create using HIERO's template system to conform in a procedural way. Using simple tokens we will develop complex "production ready" pipelines to export plates, EDLs, XMLs, Wips and NUKE projects ready for compositing, grading and editing.

Class 6

Re-Conform from new edits, even when you thought it was all locked and approved. Re-conforming unlocked EDL's. We finish up our conform by re-conforming plates of updated edits and EDLs. We will show how to update timelines and re-conform new plates for updated shots in a production, how to compare edits and conform and manage cut downs, versions and multiple length edits.

Class 7

Reviewing, roundtrip to NUKE, WIPs and client sessions. It's no secret that the pace of commercial is extremely fast, so we focus in one of the best features of HIERO; the automatic versioning of timelines to created the fastest WIPs and review sessions in commercial VFX history. We will go over how to make timeline exports with slates for client friendly WIPs and talk about how to use HIERO's bin tags and version selections to control what to show in a commercial VFX client session.

Class 8

Problems and more problems. We talk about problems in HIERO and conforming in general. We develop workarounds to awkward re-times, weird speed ramps, broken time-codes and the problem of multiple versions. We also go over a few techniques to "fill the gaps" from a few missing features inside HIERO.

Class 9

HIERO Player and the 3D departments of the world. We will show HIERO Player and its collaborative tools to bring 2D and 3D VFX team together in a project.

Class 10

Python can save you money. We have a look at the power of Python inside HIERO, we will introduce you to the HIERO Python API and use it to make some simple tools to improve your pipeline in a commercial environment.