Getting up to speed in the new Smoke

Taught by Brian Mulligan

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January 2013 
8 hours 30 minutes 
Smoke has undergone a lot of changes in the past year. This class will hep established Smoke on Linux users get up to speed with the new workflows and features. Smoke 2013 Extension 2 on Linux is more than just a UI refresh, there are significant changes to how you do what you may have been doing for years. This course will help you unlearn all that you have learned and explain the improvements and pitfalls of the latest Smoke on Linux release.

In order to make the class relevant, it will focus on the new workflows by actually working on a :60 Spot. This will help create a real-world situation that will touch on all of the changes in a practical way. Smoke 2013 users on Mac will also find many of the features and functions applicable to the version on Mac. Flame and Flame premium users who may not be familiar with the editing side of Smoke will also find lots of useful information in this class.

Brian Mulligan & John Montgomery will teaming up to cover the Smoke workflows from broadcast to traditional Post Production. Brian Mulligan is a 20+ year broadcast television editor at WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana and has been a long-time beta tester for Smoke as well as regular teaching at fxphd. John Montgomery has been using Smoke since the early days, having been a beta tester for the app since before its first release when it debuted as Fire.
Getting up to speed in the new Smoke
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Class Listing

Class 1

Starting from scratch: New importing workflows with the MediaHub & understanding of the Cache and Proxy Settings. This project works with Canon 5D clips as well as some Canon 5K frame sequences. We toss in a little RED footage to help explain the Pre-Processing power of Smoke.

Class 2

Organizing your Media: The Media Library is a big change to the Smoke workflow. We go over the fundamentals of Libraries vs. Folders and the different Library functions in Smoke for this project.

Class 3

Let's Edit: The editing interface is much cleaner and easier to deal with. We cut together our spot and explore how things have changed with the editorial operations in Smoke like Snap, Ripple, & Timeline effects

Class 4

Batch and BFX/CFX workflows Part 1: Smoke 2013 Ext 2 on Linux has Batch now. We explore the advantages of Batch vs BFX/CFX and go over the new clip and effects workflow in BFX/CFX as well do some effects work on our spot.

Class 5

Batch and BFX/CFX workflows Part 2: There are so many workflow enhancements to Batch that we continue exploring some tips and tricks in part 2 of this class.

Class 6

Archive & Export: Now that we're done with the spot, we need to export it and archive it. The Export operations in Smoke 2013 Ext2 as so much improved, with some new features like AAF export for Pro Tools and Publishing. Archiving your project also has new changes to the workflow.

Class 7

Now for Some Fun, Part 1: We break away from the spot we were working on and have some fun in Action with 3D models with texturing , lighting and shadows. We build and animate a scene and learn how to get the most out of the nodes in Smoke.

Class 8

Now for Some Fun, Part 2: We will wrap up our 3D workflow and have a final look at Smoke 2013 ext 2

Class 9

Color management: Cedric Lejeune from Workflowers walks through the whys and basic concepts of color management, the traditional Flame color workflow, and ACES workflow and implementation in Flame.

Class 10

An in-depth guide to conforming and assembling via both EDL and AAF. Guest profs Paul Carlin and Victor Wolansky team up in this two part class covering job-proven techniques for dealing with the issues that come up during the conform process. It's never as easy as shown in the demos, and this class seeks to show you how to really get the job done.