Collection: Lights, Camera, ... Action (revised)

Taught by Mike Seymour

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July 2012 
6 hours 33 minutes 
This Background collection covers on-set issues. Whether you're running your own production, or going on-set as a representative of your post facility, you'll find here a wealth of information on topics from basic lighting, lens selection and on-set behavior to more more unique situations such as shooting Super 8 right through to editing. In addition to lectures and demonstrations by the crew at fxphd, a number of very experienced DOPs and other experts appear as guests.
Collection: Lights, Camera, ... Action (revised)
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Class Listing

Class 1: VFX supervisors kit: the 35mm SLR

Mike discusses the most important tool of a VFX supervisors kit: the 35mm SLR (bkd212-02)

Class 2: How to work on Set and what you should take with y

How to work on Set and what you should take with you (bkd212-04)

Class 3: 2nd Unit Director

The role of the 2nd Unit Director (bkd212-10)

Class 4: Shooting Super 8 film

Shooting Super 8 film (bkd213-08)

Class 5: Discussing lenses

Discussing lenses, from mounts to aperture and how we have made the choices for the Moving Day project (bkd213-02)

Class 6: Lighting

Lighting - different types of light and their applications (bkd214-09)

Class 7: Richard Learoyd about TVC

Senior Editor Richard Learoyd about TVC (bkd211-02)

Class 8: Shawn Farrington about trailers

We talk to Shawn Farrington about trailers (bkd211-05)

Class 9: Making Episodic TV

Making Episodic TV - Interview with McLeod’s Daughters’ Post Production Supervisor, Benita Carey (bkd203-01b)

Class 10: Nick Nicolaou from Make Up Effects Group

Nick Nicolaou from Make Up Effects Group, MGE (bkd203-06)