Scripted DSLR

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October 2010 
5 hours 40 minutes 
We have done some great courses in recent times on using the new range of DSLR cameras in a variety of situations, but this time we want to focus on scripted based narrative drama and comedy. We have teamed up with legendary UK Writer and Director Doug Naylor (Red Dwarf co-creator) to produce an episodic comedy called "Over to Bill". Mike Seymour will be working closely with Director of Photography Ed Moore, to bring practical on-set tips to light. The entirely new and original story is filmed in and around London in the present day and captures the best of scripted DSLR approaches.

If you were hoping to make a short film with great actors, funny original dialogue that looks like a million bucks, this course is for you. We discuss extensively lighting approaches, lighting diagrams and maps, audio recording, location work, set work, indoor comedy, steadicam, car to car, slider rigs and much more but all completely story focused.

This is the perfect course for someone wanting to make their own short film - that looks great, flows well and ultimately finds an audience.
Scripted DSLR
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Class Listing

Class 1

Producing a short or scripted drama on SLRs - just how easy is it? How good can it look? Mike talks to Director Doug Naylor, and Director of Photography Ed Moore.

Class 2

Shooting a two person 'performance piece'.

Class 3

The importance of negative lighting, Ed talks about the lighting setups using 2 scenes from "Over to Bill" as examples.

Class 4

Mike talks about gear and the importance of the 1st AD and call-sheet for indie production.

Class 5

Moving the camera - options - appropriate gear to story issues.

Class 6

Shooting a multi-person - multi-dialogue scene, staging, coverage and filming.

Class 7

Practical tips and tricks to SLR production on location and 'indie'.

Class 8

Setting, problems and fixes.

Class 9

A walk through on dslr post. Processing, syncing and enhancing the offline.

Class 10

Low budget DSLR greenscreen (note: this will cover material not filmed as part of the London project).