After Effects Project - The Open, Part 2

Taught by Danny Princz

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July 2010 
7 hours 53 minutes 
Building upon the popularity of AFX211, we'll continue work on "The Next FX Master" show open. Leading the course will be Danny Princz, a New York City based artist who has taught several courses in the past, NYC-based designer and founder of Lloyd Alvarez, as well as fxphd dean John Montgomery.

The first course covered the design and shoot, so this course will be fully focused on continuing to work on the project from a creative standpoint. We will work through the remaining vignettes as well as the various host scenes. In addition, a key aspect of the work will be tying the various vignettes together in a meaningful way in order to add impact, as well as creating the final logo design for the show. We'll call in a sound designer to further help us bring the open to life before completing the project by the end of the term.

1920x1080 footage will be distributed for the course so members can share work in progress and design ideas in the forums, getting feedback from the profs as well as as other members. In addition, we offer an option to buy the entire R3D footage from the shoot.
After Effects Project - The Open, Part 2
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Class Listing

Class 1: Old School

For the practical effects guy, we'll be adding explosions and lighting effects to sell the idea that the explosions are interacting with the talent.

Class 2: Old School, continued

Old School, continued

Class 3: Camera track for our Generalist scene

We look at the new plugin from the Foundry, Camera Tracker, and use it to generate a camera track for our Generalist scene. We the use the camera data in one of out environments to set up a base scene....

Class 4: We continue the Generalist comp

A scene that we intentionally made a bit underwhelming in order to work through a scene that really relies on the artist to make it interesting. We look at Borisfx for generating the 3D type and an interesting animation.

Class 5: Logo Design

We take a look at the process of coming up with a logo design, issues to consider when creating a logo, and then actually creating the logo in Cinema 4D and animating it. Taught by Lloyd Alvarez.

Class 6: Logo Design, part 2

Taught by Lloyd Alvarez.

Class 7: The Closer scene

Using FreeformAE to create terrain that animates to music. Also using a few Trapcode plugs such as Form, Soundkeys and Lux and various animation and shape layer techniques, and expressions. Guest prof Mark Christiansen.

Class 8: Continue working on The Closer shot

Guest prof Mark Christiansen.

Class 9: Bringing it all together

Putting the finishing touches on the project.

Class 10: Sound Design

Sound is an incredibly important aspect of any project, but for the show open it can play an especially big role.