Mathematics for Visual Effects and Design

Taught by Mike Seymour

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April 2010 
7 hours 3 minutes 
This course aims to provide a basis for Maths for the Artist that says "If I'd known Maths would have been central to effects and animation I would have paid attention in school!" Mike Seymour works through the major areas of maths that are useful to understand for visual effects and animation. This really is a maths course, teaching you both actual maths and the principles of areas of maths in more advanced areas. The aim is to equip you with the tools you need and to demystify the jargon - so you can understand the principles and approaches we use maths for everyday in production and post.
Mathematics for Visual Effects and Design
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Class Listing

Class 1

Introduction to Maths - some useful concepts and an outline of the major areas of maths

Class 2

Co-ordinate systems, simple matrix, vectors and dot product. Plus, a tutorial on some of the basic concepts covered in the class

Class 3

Vector addition and Subtraction - normals

Class 4

Fibonacci sequence, Pi, the Golden ratio, noise and turbulence.

Class 5

Algebra and factoring equations

Class 6

Equation solving using Matrix multiplication and the Unity Matrix

Class 7

Velocity, Acceleration and Gravity

Class 8

Calculus part 2: Integral and Differential equations

Class 9

Fourier Transforms

Class 10

Putting it all together: how everything you have learnt this term can unlock a Siggraph paper