Intermediate Nuke

Taught by Sean Devereaux

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January 2010 
7 hours 40 minutes 
Our second-level intermediate Nuke X course picks up where the 100 level offering leaves off. Using Nuke X version 6, professor Sean Deveraux will work through concepts in the app as well as lead several project-based classes. The 3D compositing environment of Nuke is one of its strengths, so several classes will dive fully into this feature with practical, real-world examples. Deveraux will also be covering the nuts and bolts of setting up Nuke for automation as well as taking a first look at Gizmos, Nuke's "macro" functionality. The focus is on the type of work that any compositor might run into while working at a facility.

Deveraux is our lead Nuke professor at fxphd. He has been using Nuke since 2000, working as a compositor at Digital Domain on Hollywood blockbusters such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I, Robot, and Star Trek: Nemesis. Using a variety of compositing packages, his freelance work has taken him to ILM (Transformers), Hydraulx (Rise of the Silver Surfer), and others.
Intermediate Nuke
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Class Listing

Class 1

An in-depth look at Nuke 6's RotoPaint tool, covering everything from soup to nuts.

Class 2

Inside NukeX's Camera Tracker and Lens Distortion tools and how to use the data they collect in production.

Class 3

Fun with Gizmo's! We'll create and customize a "film look" gizmo, learn a little python and even customize nuke's menus and toolbars!

Class 4

A two part lesson on keying in nuke with a difficult shot. This lesson focuses on keylight and the mind set when approaching a difficult key. Part two will final the composite and go through assembling a key from multiple keyers.

Class 5

Part two of our multi layered keying lesson. This lesson goes beyond theory and into practical production problem solving to final an above average difficulty shot.

Class 6

Multi-pass compositing! The joys of controlling just about everything in the comp and how to maintain all those extra channels and layers properly and efficiently.

Class 7

Multi-Multi-pass compositing! Way beyond just diffuse, reflection and specular passes. Full relighting and retexturing in nuke using normals and uv passes.

Class 8

Super Pan N Tile Setup: Feature film level quality tiles supplied and ready for your imagination. This is a massive 18 tile, 300 degree, multi tiered system that will wow your friends and influence your employers.

Class 9

Matte Painting 3D Extraction: How to bring life into you static, placid and all around flat image.

Class 10

Final touches, grain matching and tips tricks featuring The Foundry's Furnace Core!