Flame, Smoke, Expressions and More

Taught by John Montgomery

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January 2009 
6 hours 42 minutes 
Recent versions of Flame and Smoke have blurred the line between products, as Smoke gains BatchFX and Flame gains a more versatile editing timeline. This course is designed to be appealing to artists and editors alike, covering topics which are generally applicable across both products. The common thread throughout the term will be taking a look at expressions and how they can help you as an artist and editor.

Professor and Dean John Montgomery will tackle a wide variety of workflow expressions -- ones any artist can use on a daily basis to simply changes to more esoteric, hard core maths which demonstrate both the power and limitations of the feature.

In addition to expressions, Montgomery will also be covering other aspects of the software such as infrastructure (Configuring for Open FS vs. Stonefs, Wiretap Central) and working with RED and XML/AAF.

This course will deal with some subjects and material that has been covered in other fxphd courses such as the FLM201 expressions course. However, with changes in the 2009 and 2009X1 releases a lot has changed in the software, so we felt a need to retire the old create a new course. We realize many of you have taken our past offerings and will keep this in mind to bring new and useful material into this offering.
Flame, Smoke, Expressions and More
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Class Listing

Class 1

Expressions An overview of what will be covered in the course and then diving directly into creating expressions you can use daily. Also includes bonus material on how to maintain clean images in Action.

Class 2

BatchFX and the Timeline Flame artists find the timeline overwhelming. BatchFX is a new paradigm for Smoke editors. We will find the common ground for both and show why the 2009 improvements are so powerful.

Class 3

BatchFX and the Timeline, Pt. 2A look at editing in batch with source and record clips, as well as more bfx features.

Class 4

Expressions A look at effecting Media layer blur through simple expressions and more complex positional expressions.

Class 5

Expressions Timing adjustments with expressions using the eval() function. Tips for building your expressions to be as flexible as possible.

Class 6

Expressions Using expressions to animate OpenEXR textures on 3D geometry to create a completely graphical spot.

Class 7

RED DPX from Avid Hints for working with RED footage in Avid, exporting DPX for EDL assembly, traps when assembling from images, and unlinking/relinking footage.

Class 8

DPX Soft Import and RED from FCP A look at soft import issues, using the spot. Also, converting a RED footage based sequence in Final Cut Pro into QuickTime-based XML for flame/smoke.

Class 9

Working with FCP XML Tips and tricks for getting XML sequences into flame/smoke. Covers custom Compressor scripts and a quick look at Tether.

Class 10

By Popular Request Expressions for animating a counter, blend modes, camera tracking. A brief look at batch scripts.