Stop Frame Animation and Miniatures

Taught by Mike Seymour

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July 2008 
5 hours 52 minutes 
In one of the most exciting courses ever in our production stream, we work with Adelaide based Anifex. Formed in 1985 by Richard Chataway and Michael Cusack, Anifex is one of Australia's leading animation companies. The company has long maintained a reputation for producing some of the world's finest commercial animation. In addition to its work in advertising, which has earned the company many national and international awards, Anifex has also produced several acclaimed short films. With an experienced production team and world class facilities, Anifex has an amazing collection of talent and equipment including motion control.

We will also visit some of the world's leading model shops and look at general miniature photography. Shot primarily on location at the film studios, this course will provide you with the fundamentals, process and the tricks & tips of stop frame animation and miniatures.
Stop Frame Animation and Miniatures
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Class Listing

Class 1

An introduction to miniatures and stop frame animation and a look at the importance and process behind correct character lip sync.

Class 2

Miniature Lighting part 1.

Class 3

We look at practical lighting and large set lighting.

Class 4

Part 1 of 2 - We see how a model begins its life as a 2D drawing, then with the help of a few smelly/sticky chemicals/clays & resins, becomes a three dimensional character.

Class 5

Part 2 of 2 - More on molding chemicals and the process of creating a character using foam latex

Class 6

Practical rules of miniature photography and interview with Kerner Optical.

Class 7

An in-depth discussion with Ian Hunter and Matthew Gratzner of New Deal Studios about the miniature work they did on Batman: The Dark Knight.

Class 8

Richard Chataway and Michael Cusack talks about the front-light back-light matting technique.

Class 9

Michael Cusack talks about miniature animation techniques and Jonathan Rossiter talks about miniature prop making.

Class 10

Go Motion techniques and tricks